Gotham City Police Department

It isn't easy being the law in a city like Gotham.

Working for the GCPD is a thankless job full of danger.  Standing between the citizens of Gotham and the street gangs, organized crime, and now meta-human threats, is not for the weak of heart.  It's no wonder the GCPD has such a high corruption rate – sometimes it is a lot safer just to take a kickback and let the crimes happen.

The GCPD consists of beat cops, detectives, desk jockeys, and a few more elite units.

Important Officers


Special Units

Special Tactics and Response Squad – STaRS
The Special Tactics and Response Squad is made up of officers who have proven themselves on the streets.  This is the unit that is called in when situations get too deep for your average officer.  Highly trained and disciplined, STaRS is more than a match for the criminal element of Gotham, too bad they are outnumbered.

Armored Response Corp – ARC
The Armored Response Corp is a unit specializing in Meta-Human threats.  Outfitted with high-tech mechanized armor, ARC is responsible for intercepting powered threats to the city. 

Gotham City Police Department

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